Rock Band Network Is Transforming The Music Industry

Recently, game developer Harmonix opened up the beta for musicians and bands to upload their own song into the Rock Band Network. Each completed song that is submitted will go on sale in the Rock Band Network store along with hundreds of other Rock Band tracks already available. Now, this is just the beta testing, but once all the bugs are worked out and the library is big enough, the created content will go live and will be downloadable by any player’s XBox 360 or PS3 Rock Band Network store.

This has great potential for both music creators and Harmonix. Not only can unknown, indie bands get noticed through the internet, but now they have a new way they can be heard and played by thousands of people. Game developer Harmonix also gets a great deal because they can sell songs they don’t have to spend time creating. Usually, it takes a day to do 2-3 songs for Harmonix and they sell constantly. So, the only logical move was to find a way to produce more songs and make more money. And that’s exactly what they are doing by allowing creators and bands the chance to share their songs. Oh, and of course creators get a 30% cut for each of their songs that sell on the network.

Rock Band Network - Create Your Own Rock Band Song

Unfortunately, this is not something that everyone will be able to sit down and do in a few minutes. To create a song you have to use full blown professional editing software and it will take first-time users 20 to 40 hours to complete a song. So, if you are up for the challenge you can get started at the “Rock Band Network” Creators Club official site. If all the computer recording and editing is not for you, I am sure soon there will be plenty of people willing to create the song for you for a small price.


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